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3 Easy Ways To Celebrate World Pickleball Day

3 Easy Ways To Celebrate World Pickleball Day

  • As if you needed another reason to get out there and play!
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It’s a familiar scenario: Person learns to play pickleball. Person falls in love with pickleball. Person wants to shout about pickleball from the rooftops so that everyone else can get in on the fun too. Well here’s your official chance to do so—this Sunday, October 10, 2021, is World Pickleball Day.

Launched by the World Pickleball Federation in 2020, World Pickleball Day is the WPF’s grassroots effort to “ignite the global excitement, inclusive nature, and lifetime benefits of pickleball.” And not just in America—where it’s one of the fastest-growing sports—but around the globe. Last year 26 countries participated in World Pickleball Day, and this year surely even more will be involved. Here are three fun, easy ways you can celebrate and spread the word.

1)   Host a Taster Session

Book courts for a few hours and invite friends who’ve never played to come check it out. Have a few experienced players on hand who will be happy to teach newcomers and answer questions.

2)   Take it to the Streets

Nothing piques people’s interest like a public pickleball game. Set up a court in your neighborhood with some chalk and a portable net, and get to playing. Just be ready to answer questions from curious passersby when they see how much fun you’re having!

3)   Share the Love on the Socials

This is the modern-day version of shouting from the rooftops. Share a fave pickleball shot to Instagram, tweet about your game, post a TikTok from the court, or invite your FB friends to come play. And be sure to check in on #worldpickleballday, to see how players around the globe are celebrating too.

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