Does Photography and Pickleball Pair? An Interview with Jerry Downs and Richard Rabinowitz

In this interview, photographer Jerry Downs and Richard Rabinowitz, who runs photography workshops nationwide, discuss the secrets to captivating photos and the power of photography to freeze special moments.

Swig Pickleball
10 Items to Have In Your Cooler for a Hot Day on the Pickleball Court

We’ve compiled a top 10 list of our favorite cooler companions to keep you hydrated, energized, and ready to rally! So, ditch the sweat for a moment, grab a cool drink, and get ready to stock your cooler for summer pickleball dominance!

Where To Play Pickleball In Europe

Want to add a fun twist to your European adventure? Don’t worry, your jam-packed itinerary of museums, delectable food, and shopping sprees can still include some pickleball action! Across Europe, the sport is gaining serious momentum, with England alone seeing a 58% increase in venues according to Pickleball52. So pack your paddles and get ready to enjoy a match or two during your European vacation!

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Where to Play Pickleball in New England

Calling all New England pickleballers! Craving some friendly competition and sunshine (with a side of maybe a cozy cardigan)? This guide’s your ticket to the best courts across Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine. Get ready to unleash your inner dinking champion – we’re hitting the courts, New England style!

How to Warm-Up for a Pickleball Match

Don’t underestimate the warm-up! In pickleball, where every point matters, taking a few minutes to get your body ready can make a big difference. A good warm-up will help you avoid early mistakes and hit the ground running (or should we say dinking?) from the start.

How to Transition From Tennis to Pickleball

Are you a tennis player curious about pickleball? Or a pickleball player showing your tennis-loving friends the ropes? This guide covers everything you need to know about switching from a racket to a paddle!

How to Cross-Train for Pickleball

Want to take your game to the next level? Look no further than cross-training! This guide will explain why it’s important and suggest some awesome activities to boost your pickleball skills and keep your workouts exciting.

The Best Places to Play Pickleball in the Southwest

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor soaking up the Southwest sun, we’ve got the perfect places to play. Looking for a luxurious escape? Our list includes stunning resorts with pickleball courts.

Pickleball Rules: What to Say On the Pickleball Court

Pickleball is all about laughs and friendly competition, not a silent movie! There are definitely things you can say to keep the game fun and positive, but some comments are best left unsaid. This guide will help you navigate the world of pickleball conversation – let’s get chatting!

How to Add Yoga to Your Pickleball Fitness Routine

Many athletes, including tennis players, have found that yoga enhances their performance on the court. A recent article in Shape magazine highlights the benefits of yoga, including improved strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and stability. The beauty of yoga? You only need a mat to begin! This article offers insights on incorporating yoga into your workout routine, along with some poses to get you started.