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The Best Pickleball Apparel for Men

The Best Pickleball Apparel for Men

  • Up your pickleball game with the right gear! From paddles that pack a punch to apparel that keeps you cool, there's a whole world of options for men to elevate performance and style on the court.

Men’s athletic wear can seem so simple. After all, it’s just a t-shirt, shorts, and court shoes, right? 

Nope. We know the truth. When it comes to picking the right gear for pickleball, men have just as many decisions to make as women and nearly as many options. From functional and sleek paddles to shirts that will keep you cool during the dog days of summer, men have endless options for stocking their closets and pickleball bags. 

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to men’s pickleball gear, complete with a few of our favorite selections for 2024. It’ll help you make sure you’re ready for pickleball and jumpstart your shopping spree. 

How to Build Your Pickleball Wardrobe

It doesn’t take much to start playing pickleball. Most people start their pickleball journey in their normal gym clothes and court shoes, with a borrowed paddle and a little guidance from a pickleball-playing pal. 

Once you’re hooked, though, it’s time to start thinking about upgrading your gear. Here are some tips for building your pickleball wardrobe.

Start with the Basics

Your pickleball wardrobe is an investment and you’ll wear basics like shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts over and over again. Purchase high-quality pieces (like some of the ones on this list) for the foundation of your wardrobe, then add additional pieces in new colors or fabrics over time. 

Choose the Right Materials

Yes, your old college t-shirt is sufficient for playing pickleball. But a lightweight dri-fit shirt that wicks off sweat will take your game – and comfort level – to an entirely new level. As you shop, look for information about:

  • Sun protection: Some products have UV protection that will help prevent sun damage
  • Breathability: Moisture-wicking fabric has tiny capillaries that pull moisture away from your skin and help the sweat evaporate, which keeps your clothes from becoming drenched with sweat.
  • Sustainable materials: Some pickleball companies offer attire made from sustainable or recycled materials

Don’t Forget the Extras!

After you have the basics, like athletic wear, a good paddle, and a solid pair of pickleball shoes, it’s time to add some fun gear to your pickleball arsenal. These extras include:

  • A pickleball bag to carry your paddle, extra pickleballs, sunscreen, and other items you’ll need for matches
  • A headband or hat to keep sun and sweat out of your eyes during intense points
  • A reusable water bottle (or two) to carry your water and sports drinks

As you keep playing, you’ll find more gear to improve your game. These items are just a start!

Invest in the Right Gear

Invest in the right pieces. The pickleball bag you use every day is worth the price tag. So is the pickleball paddle that will help you dominate your matches. As with any other purchase, prioritize what matters to you and what you will use the most. Be frugal when necessary, but spend on the items that truly matter.

5 Men’s Pickleball Items Worth Purchasing

You know what you need to add to your list. Not sure where to start? Here are five pickleball items worth adding to your wardrobe or pickleball bag.

Dilly Life UV Protection Moisture Wicking Tee

This short-sleeved shirt comes in several colors, including light blue, white, navy, and yellow. It’s moisture-wicking and includes UPF 50 sun protection, so you’ll feel cool and avoid sun damage while on the court. 

Vuori Ponto Performance Jogger

These joggers are incredibly soft, thanks to Vuori’s DreamKnit fabric. The moisture-wicking materials keep sweat at bay during intense matches and the zippered pockets are perfect for holding your keys, wallet, and phone when you hit the bar for post-match drinks. Trust us – you’ll want to wear these 24/7!

Doubletake NYC Pickleball Backpack

This versatile backpack looks great and will hold all of your pickleball gear. With space for three paddles, two water bottles, and a separate shoe compartment, it’s the perfect bag to toss in your car for a post-work match or bring along for your next tournament.

Hydrogen Men’s Headband Yellow

Not a hat guy? We’ve got you covered! This fun headband comes in several colors, including neon yellow. The skull and crossbones on the front give it a bit of an edge. Before your purchase, browse the Total Pickleball site to see if anything else catches your eye – it’s a great one-stop shop for gear and apparel. 

Acacia ProShot Shoes

Having the right pickleball shoe will help you avoid injury and dominate your matches. This pair provides plenty of support for lateral movements, thanks to its wide toe box and contoured outsoles with drag guards.

It’s Time to Start Shopping!

Building your pickleball wardrobe – and finding the right gear – takes some time. Do your research and invest in high-quality pieces. You’ll be able to use them for years to come!

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