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The Best Places to Play Pickleball in the Southwest

The Best Places to Play Pickleball in the Southwest

  • The Southwest beckons with its dramatic landscapes, but there's more to discover than just deserts and mountains. A thriving pickleball scene is welcoming new players for friendly (or maybe not-so-friendly) competition! From Utah's canyons to Arizona's sunshine, locals and visitors alike are grabbing their paddles and hitting the courts.

Head west and you’ll find endless desert, magnificent mountains, stunning scenery, and scorching temperatures. You’ll also find a growing pickleball community eager to welcome new players into their midst and engage in some, ahem, heated competition. 

Locals and tourists alike flock to the pickleball courts throughout Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona, paddles in hand, ready to beat the heat – and, hopefully, their well-matched opponents. 

Whether you’re a local heading to the Southwest for a luxurious summer trip or a local hoping to make some pickleball friends at a new-to-you court, you’ll love this list of our favorite resorts, parks, and venues to play in the region. Grab your sunscreen, your hat, and your paddle. Let’s explore the Southwest together!

The Kitchen Indoor Pickleball Courts in Kaysville and Woods Court, Utah

Escape the heat, all day, every day. The Kitchen Indoor Pickleball Courts has two 24-hour pickleball venues in Utah, with three more expected to open soon in Pleasant View, Tooele, and Mountain Green. This franchise started in Utah, so there’s an added connection to the local pickleball community. 

Each location has several courts, as well as a hangout area for pre or post-match chit chat and relaxation. The Kaysville location also has two observation decks so spectators can watch all of the action unfold on the courts below. Each location offers leagues, tournaments, and clinics to help pickleball players meet, play, and improve. 

Park City Municipal Athletic and Recreation Center in Park City, Utah

Take in the scenery and enjoy a pickleball match or two at the Park City Municipal Athletic and Recreation Center. Four outdoor pickleball courts offer stellar views of the mountains – sometimes, you can even see the snowcaps! The best part? You can still play when the weather gets cold, thanks to the covered tennis bubble and gymnasium. 

With several pickleball coaches on staff, this open-to-the-public facility is the perfect place for locals to hone their game, while visitors can drop in for a quick lesson or to connect with Utah players. 

Sunset Regional Park in Las Vegas, Nevada

Viva Las Vegas, indeed! Sunset Regional Park serves plenty of people in the Las Vegas community, especially pickleball players. Considered one of the area’s best parks, it has its own Sunset Park Pickleball Complex with 20 courts designated for public play seven days a week.

In between matches, explore the park and take in the scenery. The 334-acre park has several trails to explore with plenty of critters and scenic views. For locals, it’s the perfect spot to participate in a tournament or league, while tourists can escape from the noisy casinos to try their luck challenging a new pickleball opponent. Don’t worry – the Strip is just a short drive away! 

Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona

Local players will want to take a staycation at this luxurious resort, while out-of-state players will want to add this gem to their travel bucket list. The resort recently opened a brand new tennis and pickleball facility, complete with four pickleball courts and a packed events calendar. Guests can book a private or semi-private lesson to hone their game or hop into round-robin match play. 

After working up a sweat on the court, visitors can head over to one of the resort’s seven pools, including the adults-only Saguaro Pool, complete with a bar and cabanas. The full-service spa is also a relaxing way to unwind post-match before enjoying one of the resort’s restaurants. 

The Manzano Mesa Pickleball Complex in Albuquerque, New Mexico

There are several courts at this gorgeous pickleball complex, which is surrounded by mountains and looks up at perfect blue skies. Many of the courts are open all day for public play, while four are reserved for open play organized by ABQ Pickleball Club.

ABQ Pickleball Club is similar to many other groups nationwide that put in extra work to connect local pickleball players. The group has over 2,300 members and helps organize events, like a Fourth of July celebration, at the park. 

Where Will You Play This Summer?

In sweltering heat or chillier winters, pickleball players trek to courts all over the Southwest to play. From Utah to Nevada to Arizona to New Mexico, the region is filled with courts for beginner and experienced players alike, with more joining the pickleball ranks every day. 

From planning a lengthy pickleball-focused stay at a luxury resort to escaping the Las Vegas trip at a massive pickleball complex, tourists have tons of options for finding new opponents in the Southwest. 

Local parks and growing indoor facilities offer plenty of chances for local players to find their crew for league play, tournaments, or entertaining open play. 

Whether you’re just visiting or in the region for the long haul, there’s plenty of places to play this summer! Which one do you plan to visit?

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