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News and notes on the world of pickleball, from the latest venues and coverage of the coolest trends from coast to coast.

What Type of Pickleball Player Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Unleash your cosmic champion on the court! Your zodiac sign, known for reflecting personality traits, might offer insights into your pickleball strengths, weaknesses, and even communication style. From strategic Scorpios to collaborative Libras, explore how your sign influences your game!

InPickleball Work Wise - PQL Club visor
PQL Club Founder: Sabina Nathanson

Entrepreneur Sabina Nathanson brings chic style to the court

Celebrity Pickler Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry Brings Energy To The Court

The beloved Friends star loves the game so much, he had a court put in at home.

The Kitchen

Jared Paul and Jason Aspes, cofounders of The Kitchen, have built a vibrant virtual community of people who love this sport

Meet The Boat Builder Who’s Making Stunning Wooden Paddles

The founder of Shipwright Paddles uses his woodworking skills to make high-performance paddles

InPickleball Celebrity Pickler Emma Watson
Emma Watson Plays Pickleball On Vacay

The Harry Potter actor designates some time for dinking

Drew Barrymore Gets Her Pickleball On

Drew Barrymore and her talk show sidekick Ross Mathews play pickleball to find out what all the fuss is about

Meet the Artist Who Gets Her Inspiration From The Court

Inspired by the game, Florida artist Erin Curry is creating striking pickleball paintings

5 Picks You’ll Want to Pack for Your Pickleball Vacation

Holiday and play in style, from bags to balls

Kenny Loggins Cuts Loose On The Court

The pickleball-loving pop star tells us all about his passion for playing