Headshot of Shannon Willits, a smiling Pilates instructor wearing a professional fitness outfit, against a neutral background, embodying confidence and approachability.
Pilates For Pickleball Video Series

Meet Shannon Willits, a Pilates expert enhancing pickleball performance. This series showcases her unique approach, combining Pilates with sports-specific training for optimal results.

Pickleball For The Cure: An Interview With Amy Flynn Of Komen.Org

Komen is known for combining fitness and fundraising through events like Race for the Cure and Walk for the Cure. Pickleball’s booming popularity caught our eye. The pickleball community is passionate, social, active, and dedicated – perfect qualities for successful fundraisers. So, we launched a special fundraising platform just for pickleball!

The Best Pickleball Apparel for Men

This guide is your one-stop shop for everything a guy needs to be ready to dominate the court in 2024. We’ll break down the essential gear, along with some of our top product recommendations, to get you serving aces and leaving opponents in the dust. Let’s get started and make you a pickleball powerhouse!

City PIckle
Where to Play Pickleball in New York City

Pickleball lovers in New York, rejoice! This guide showcases a selection of our favorite courts throughout the city. Find your perfect court and hit the courts – all easily accessible by subway!

Pickleball players
Pickleball Around the Globe: What Countries Are Embracing the Sport?

Pickleball isn’t just sweeping the US anymore! The fun is spreading around the world, with countries like Canada, China, and Australia all joining in.

The NPL: Core Principles, Community and Combine Highlights

This past weekend, the NPL Florida Combine was held inside the Diadem Pickleball Complex in Coconut Creek, FL. Over one hundred and twenty spectators came to cheer fifty women and fifty men from all over the country who play competitively, with hopes of becoming a member of one of the twelve teams in the NPL. 

Net Gains

Pickleball players across the country share their stories of the sport

Pickleballers Tell Us: “I Can Remember the First Time I…”

We asked players across the country to share their memories of the sport

Pickleballers Tell Us: “I Can Remember the First Time I…”

We asked players across the country to share their memories of the sport

InPickleball Issue 2 | Volley | News and Notes | First Time | People | Maxine Brown
Game-Time Decisions

We asked pickleball players from all over the country, aged 16 to 86, to look back on their memories of the sport and finish this sentence: “I remember the first time I…”