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Everything You Need to Know About Pickleball Paddle Weight

Everything You Need to Know About Pickleball Paddle Weight

  • Forget fancy looks and marketing hype! When choosing your pickleball paddle, focus on what matters most for your game. Several factors influence your ideal paddle, including weight (which we'll explore in this guide), length, and size. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to pick the perfect weight for your pickleball needs.

You’re browsing online for a new pickleball paddle, and you’re a little confused. 

Some paddles are 7.9 ounces. Others are 8.4. Add that to other specifications, like design and materials, and it can be difficult to determine what to prioritize. 

Though it’s tempting to pick the paddle that looks the prettiest or has the flashiest product description, that’s not always the best way to select the most important piece of equipment for your pickleball game. 

Several factors impact the type of paddle you select, like length, size, and, yes, weight. Today, we will focus on paddle weight and how it impacts your game. This handy guide will teach you everything you need to know about pickleball paddle weight. 

Why Does Pickleball Paddle Weight Matter?

The weight of your pickleball paddle impacts your game, and even an ounce of difference can lead to noticeable differences in your power and control. 

To illustrate this, let’s do a simple experiment. Go to your kitchen, pick up a spoon, and carefully swing it like a pickleball paddle. It moves pretty quickly, right? Now, try the same motion with a rolling pin. It’s a little harder to swing, isn’t it? 

A lightweight paddle will feel different in your hand compared to a midweight paddle, just as a spoon feels different than a rolling pin. This difference impacts how you swing the paddle, which determines how much control you have when you connect with the ball and the power you generate. 

The 3 Types of Pickleball Paddle Weights

There are three types of pickleball paddle weights, each offering different benefits to players. What qualifies as a lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight paddle can vary. 

For instance, Just Paddles considers a paddle under 7.4 oz lightweight, while Revolin considers paddles under 7.8 oz lightweight. Thankfully, product listings will help fill in the gaps if you’re not sure where a pickleball paddle lends on the weight spectrum. 

Lightweight Pickleball Paddles

Lightweight paddles offer more control over each shot. The paddle is easier to maneuver, which helps a player vary their shots and spins. It also provides more accuracy. 

Players also love that a lightweight paddle helps them react quicker during points, especially at the net. 

These paddles are an excellent choice for players who need to prioritize control over power. 

Midweight Pickleball Paddles

Midweight paddles are popular – and for very good reasons! Most paddle companies consider paddles that weigh between 7.4 -8.4 ounces midweight. This paddle weight offers some of the benefits of a lightweight paddle, like maneuverability and control, while also helping players generate paddles. Though it doesn’t offer quite as much control as a lightweight paddle, most players find the feel of a midweight paddle allows for the perfect blend of power and stability. 

These paddles also offer a little more oomph off the face of the paddle. When you need to block a shot, these paddles add an additional pop that allows the ball to go just a little bit further than lightweight paddles, making the shot more likely to cross the net. 

Heavyweight Pickleball Paddles

Heavyweight paddles are typically 8.5 ounces or heavier. However, remember that different companies have different ranges for lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight paddles. Singles players tend to love heavyweight paddles because they generate a ton of power. They’re a great fit for players who love to hit hard passing shots instead of gentle dinks. 

Of course, a heavier paddle can cause fatigue if players aren’t used to the weight. Tennis players often love a heavier paddle, while other athletes tend to reach for lighter paddles. 

How to Decide Which Pickleball Paddle Weight is Right for You

Which paddle is right for you? You’ll have to think carefully – and try a few different paddles – before you decide. 

First, consider your style of play. If you need to be able to react quickly, you might want a lightweight paddle. If you play a lot of singles, a heavyweight paddle might be your best bet. For most players, the midweight paddle is the best option because it offers a mix of power and control. 

Of course, there’s a large range of paddle weights, and even an ounce can make a difference. Try out several paddles at your club or pro shop before making a decision. You can even ask your pickleball friends or playing partners to borrow their paddles to try different weights. Your goal is to find a paddle that is comfortable to hold and swing.

Which Paddle Will You Choose?

As you pick your next pickleball paddle, consider the paddle weight carefully. It can be daunting to sort through the paddles on the market and evaluate their specifications. Use these tips to consider the paddle weight before making a purchase.

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