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Level Up Your Game: Insider Benefits at Your Fingertips

Level Up Your Game: Insider Benefits at Your Fingertips

  • Pickleball Obsessed? Upgrade Your Game! Subscription services are taking over, and our Intopickleball Insider is leading the charge! Our CEO, Richard Porter shares the juicy details. Get ready for exclusive content delivered straight to your phone, plus unbeatable deals and discounts. It's the ultimate pickleball upgrade – are you ready to win?
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Level Up Your Game: Insider Benefits at Your Fingertips

Why Digital First? 

I have been in subscription media businesses across cable TV, magazines, and newspapers for many years.  Three years ago, a team of investors asked me to consult on a magazine launch.  At the time, the median age of recreational pickleball players was mid-sixties.  We sold many subscriptions, but as the sport grew wildly over time, it grew significantly with younger people, who prefer content on their mobile devices to content in a printed magazine.  So we pivoted.   Digital subscription content businesses have never been more popular — witness all the platforms in video, for example.  So we have maintained a subscription model, shifted it to digital content (mobile, video, social media) while adding a commerce component — what we call “deals & discounts,”   

When we were just print content (no video, no deals & discounts), we sold thousands of subscriptions for about $30 apiece. Nobody was doing that, so we knew we already had some “secret sauce” in our approach. Given the added value of video, commerce, and community, our value proposition is unique in the space.

The Freemium Model

We like the “freemium” model.   Active pickleball players find our brand with very low friction — we offer great FREE content in our newsletter on our website and at some events.  The real goodies are behind a paywall!  For example, Intopickleball offers an exclusive trip to Turks & Caicos hosted by one of the best pickleball professionals in the country.  As a member of Insider, you earn a discount that more than covers your membership fee.   We have dozens of other partners offering great value for shoes, apparel, paddles, etc. too.   So, between the great content and the great deals, the subscription really pays for itself.

The Global Movement

Pickleball is going global.  If anything, the growth rate will increase — countries like India and China are already here.   Pickleball is the greatest American export ever!  Why?  It is accessible to so many people — the barrier to a beginner is low, but the challenge to master it is high — so it works for all.  Fun, healthy, joyful, inclusive….and…. it will be like an “exchange student” world!  Go to another country to play pickleball and meet other players from completely different cultures. What a wonderful future we have!

About Intopickleball Insider 

Get the inside edge with the Intopickleball Insider! This program is your one-stop shop for exclusive pickleball content, serving up news, tips, and strategies straight to your inbox (or wherever you get your updates). Become a Pickleball Insider and gain access to:

  • Behind-the-scenes access to the pro scene: stay on top of tournaments, players, and the latest happenings.
  • Level up your game: master new skills, refine your strategy, and dominate the court with expert-approved tips.
  • Gear up for victory: delve into in-depth equipment reviews to find the perfect paddles, apparel, and accessories.
  • Learn from the best: hear insights and strategies from pickleball’s leading players and coaches.

About Richard Porter

Richard Porter is the CEO of IntoPickleball.  Over four decades he worked in just about every medium there is.  He has had a racket or paddle in his hand for even longer than that!

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