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Pickleball Gets the Beauty Treatment

Pickleball Gets the Beauty Treatment

  • Allure magazine takes a look at our favorite game’s growing popularity.
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Makeup tips and skincare advice might not be the first things that pickleball brings to mind. But the sport certainly fits under the wellness umbrella, which is why it got the attention of Allure, inspiring the beauty magazine to write a recent piece that asks the million-dollar question: “Why is everyone playing pickleball?” The story credits the game’s accessibility, ease, and pace, as well as the pandemic, for pickleball’s skyrocketing popularity. Which has found some major fans in the beauty biz.

“I love the sense of community,” Carisa Janes, founder and CEO of Hourglass Cosmetics told Allure. “I’ve seen players from ages 18 to 80!” Donna Pohlad, the co-founder of hair-care brand dpHUE, is also a devotee, playing at least 3 times a week. “Even if you’re not the best athlete, you can play pickleball and enjoy it,” she told the magazine. “I love to hit a killer shot!” And we bet her hair looks great when she does it!

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