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Can Pickleball Minds Bring The Business Ecosystem Together?

Can Pickleball Minds Bring The Business Ecosystem Together?

  • Curious about its global potential, we recently spoke with Pickleball Minds Founder and Entrepreneur, Amitabh Jain. We delved into the forum's international reach and his insights on the future trajectory of pickleball.
Amitabh Jain

Pickleball Minds is a groundbreaking business forum designed to be the central hub for the sport’s most brilliant minds. This one-of-a-kind platform fosters collaboration, partnerships, and growth within the booming Pickleball industry. We sat down with the Founder and Entrepreneur, Amitabh Jain to discuss the global initiatives behind the forum and where he believes the sport of pickleball is going. 

Tell me about Rally Sports and how you got your start in pickleball.

I have been a college-level Badminton player and generally love all sports, especially the racquet sports. Like many others, I started playing pickleball in early 2022 and immediately got hooked on it. Given that pickleball has enormous mass appeal and given my background in startups and business management, pickleball lends itself very well as a business opportunity. It has certain traits that make people love and stick to it, and that applies across multiple demographics. Hence, I thought, what’s better than combining passion with business, and here I am. I envisage Rally Sports to become a globally recognized organization that fosters multiple elements of the pickleball ecosystem – related to facilities, governance, events, players, technology, and professional services.

What is Pickleball Minds? 

With the amount of global pickleball enthusiasts continuing to expand, many people realize that there are business opportunities in this industry. However, as with any fledgling industry, many unknowns will lead to trial-and-error approaches. Pickleball Minds is a first-of-a-kind Industry forum that will bring many business owners together in a room to collaborate, learn, and partner with each other, thereby providing them an avenue to start or grow their pickleball businesses faster and better. In the US, the industry has already started taking shape, and it’s a matter of time before the world will be on its stage. It’s only prudent for business owners to come together and join forces to grow this sport and the industry.

What do you think sets pickleball apart from other sports? What makes it so accessible to the masses?

  • It’s highly accessible and inherently social. 
  • There is palpable energy and excitement surrounding the sport. 
  • It has a remarkably universal appeal across broad demographics.
  • It’s easy to learn but hard to master.

Pickleball will be:

  • Another Golf
  • Another Tennis
  • Another Olympic Sport
  • Another Worldwide Craze

What do you think needs to be added or achieved in the sport of pickleball? As an entrepreneur, what are your personal goals for playing the sport?

Pickleball has an inherent ‘feel good’ and ‘universally welcoming/inclusive’ trait. The business of pickleball also needs to evolve with some of those principles and traits. The world is our stage, and we can achieve a lot more by collaborating and being inclusive rather than considering it a zero-sum game where one business can win only by making someone lose. With that premise in mind, I have envisioned Pickleball Minds as the Davos of Pickleball, wherein everyone, in their best capacities, comes together and contributes to the sport as well as the business of pickleball. Early bird tickets available now for the Princeton, NJ event. 

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