Pickleball For The Cure: An Interview With Amy Flynn Of Komen.Org

Komen is known for combining fitness and fundraising through events like Race for the Cure and Walk for the Cure. Pickleball’s booming popularity caught our eye. The pickleball community is passionate, social, active, and dedicated – perfect qualities for successful fundraisers. So, we launched a special fundraising platform just for pickleball!

Bringing Prisoners Together Through Pickleball

The experience was truly eye-opening. Witnessing the warden’s support for the program and the inmates’ enthusiasm for learning a new sport challenged my assumptions about incarceration. The handcrafted paddles we received as a token of appreciation are a constant reminder of the positive impact this program had, not just on the inmates, but also on my perspective of the justice system.

Mike Hoxie
Pickleball Is Great and So Are The Tournaments: An Interview

Pickleball Is Great hosts many self-created and independent tournaments, many clubs, organizations, and facilities are finding the value of outsourcing to an expert.

Amitabh Jain
Can Pickleball Minds Bring The Business Ecosystem Together?

Pickleball Minds is a groundbreaking industry event designed to connect business owners. This unique forum fosters collaboration, learning, and partnership opportunities.

Can The Ecological Method Help Your Pickleball Mental Game?

In an interview, Brian Lim, host of the Building Pickleball podcast and YouTube channel, shared his thoughts on pickleball, the life of a creative entrepreneur, and a coaching method that can improve your game.

Can Recreation Reconnect The Digitally Divided?

With technology and social media allure, the epidemic of disconnection is real. Can pickleball and family recreation save it? Kevin Richards, Founder of RECS – believes so.

Rick Cipes
Advice from a Pickleball addict to a Newbie

So the peer pressure from friends has worked and you are ready to take it all to the pickleball court. But you have no clue what to wear, what equipment you need and how to be prepared to actually play. Fear not, we sat down with author, podcaster, and pickleball guru, Rick Cipes

We Caught Up With Tyson McGuffin

If you’ve spent any time watching professional pickleball, you’ve likely witnessed the energy buzzing from…