Step Up Your Power

This full-body routine from trainer Michael Matthews helps build strength, agility, endurance, and playing power

InPickleball | Issue 9 | Whats the dill with | Sandbagging
Sandbagging In Pickleball

Some players are entering tournaments at levels beneath their true abilities in order to score medals. What are officials doing about it?

InPickleball - pickleball in-struction Charlie Ball drop shot deconstructed
The Drop Shot, Deconstructed

Coach Charlie Ball helps you deconstruct—and dominate—the drop shot

Hallo, Pickleball

The Egyptian-American player helping to spread pickleball through Norway

InPickleball peak performance -Your pregame prep - Rotated lunge with reach
Your Pregame Prep

Up your pregame prep with this routine from Pilates instructor Ashley Patten

Switching Sides, Opponents, and Kitchen Line Advice

Celebrity coach Matthew Manasse serves up his patented pickleball wisdom

Pickleball coach Matthew Manasse - Advice on Third Shot Drops, Beginner Open Play, and Questionable Calls
Advice on Third Shot Drops, Beginner Open Play, And Questionable Calls

Celebrity coach Matthew Manasse answers your pressing pickleball questions

Hot + Cold = Healing Power

This temperature-based therapy boosts muscle recovery, strength, and mood

Put A Spin On It

Yes, you can learn to create backspin. Coach Michelle Esquivel shows you how

An Athlete’s Journey: Making Pickleball More Accessible

Adaptive athlete Twila Adams is working to make pickleball more accessible for all