Peak Performance

Strategies for increasing game stamina and strength to help you harness your full pickleball potential.

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Your Pregame Prep

Up your pregame prep with this routine from Pilates instructor Ashley Patten

Side Hustle

Workout moves that improve your flexibility and range of motion during the game

Get A Leg Up

These leg-strengthening moves from trainer Stephanie Mansour will help boost your power on the court

3 Core Moves to Improve Your Pickleball Playing Power

These core moves from trainer Fernando Chavez will help your swing and endurance

Your Pickleball Swing: It’s All In The Grip

Keep your arm and hand muscles strong with this exercise routine from fitness pro Jeffery Beck

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4 Partner Exercises That Will Improve Your Pickleball Game

Callie Jo Smith and her husband, Kyle, share their partner exercises

InPickleball Issue 3 | On the Bounce | Peak Performance | 6 Stretches | Pickleball
6 Stretches To Help You Stay Injury-Free On The Pickleball Court

Physical-therapy-inspired moves to increase flexibility on the pickleball court

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Taking The Heat

Six dinking strategies for scoring outside the kitchen

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Pilates for Pickleball

Five pilates moves to help improve your flexibility