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Kitchen Rules: What You Need to Know About the Non-Volley Zone

Are you unsure when you’re finally clear of the kitchen and allowed to volley? Fret no more! We’ll clear up the kitchen rules and help you avoid any on-court arguments.

How to Transition Your Pickleball Wardrobe to Spring

Ditch the bulky sweaters and beanies! Spring is around the corner, and it’s time to refresh your pickleball gear. This guide will show you the latest trends and budget-friendly hacks to update your pickleball wardrobe for the new season. With these tips, you’ll be the most stylish player on the court this spring.

Can The Ecological Method Help Your Pickleball Mental Game?

In an interview, Brian Lim, host of the Building Pickleball podcast and YouTube channel, shared his thoughts on pickleball, the life of a creative entrepreneur, and a coaching method that can improve your game.

The NPL: Core Principles, Community and Combine Highlights

This past weekend, the NPL Florida Combine was held inside the Diadem Pickleball Complex in Coconut Creek, FL. Over one hundred and twenty spectators came to cheer fifty women and fifty men from all over the country who play competitively, with hopes of becoming a member of one of the twelve teams in the NPL. 

Pickle Party

Add homemade pickles to your party menu to pay homage to the sport—and because they’re a tangy, tasty treat for all

Happy Hour

Host happy hour with bites and bev recs from Courtside Kitchen

The Maine Event

Gather with your courtside crew for a special Maine treat—buttery, delicious lobster rolls

What single piece of advice improved your pickleball skills?

Heed any (or all!) of these player-tested, player-approved maxims

It’s BBQ Time!

Throw a BBQ Bash

What’s Your Go-To Postgame Snack?

Real players reveal their game-day food cravings