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Pickleball’s Latest and Greatest Social Media Moments

Pickleball’s Latest and Greatest Social Media Moments

  • Sharing the joy of pickleball is part of the fun of playing!
Name a time and place. I’ll already be on the court. #pickleball #pickleballislife
Pickleball shenanigans! #pickleballers #pickleball #pickleballaddiction
My Aunt Irene who just turned 100 and still lives by herself in Fort Myers, FL, is giving pickleball a whirl! She is amazing and adorable! To show how tiny she is, I am only 4’11” and I feel like a giant next to her. My sister towers over both of us.
What a fun weekend!! Our town threw its first outdoor pickleball tournament and it was such a great turnout. @kissin_kennedy and I came home with the gold in women’s advanced Saturday. 
Another great tournament by @excelpickleball today! Brought home SILVER in 12U singles. We got to play medal round matches on Championship court with referees just like the adults! Still learning and growing every week!
Dad. Thanks for teaching us a thing or two about pickles and balls today @jevondaly … and also for snapping this fabulous photo. #dad #daddysgirl #sports #pickleball
Pickleball with the work fam.
#pickleballindonesia #pickleball
Dink dink dink. #pickleball #theranch #ravensdalewa
#Savannah coming right after you! 1st Class Pickleball. #pickleball #pickleballaddict #pickleballaddiction
@UGANDAPICKLEBALL #ugandapickleball #ifp #pbpropickleball
Today I was out PICKLE-BALLing!!! What’s pickleball, you ask? It’s the fastest growing sport, with over 4.2 million people who play! It is sooooo fun! 
Am I late to the pickleball party? Yes, but bluebird days in California and great friends to learn with has been so fun! Note to self: I should get some friends who are not Olympians/pro athletes because I keep getting my butt kicked!
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