Kitchen Rules: What You Need to Know About the Non-Volley Zone

Are you unsure when you’re finally clear of the kitchen and allowed to volley? Fret no more! We’ll clear up the kitchen rules and help you avoid any on-court arguments.

Rules of Pickleball: Line Calls

Spotting every line call in pickleball is a challenge. The pressure’s on, and sometimes the action gets too fast to be certain.

Rick Cipes
Advice from a Pickleball addict to a Newbie

So the peer pressure from friends has worked and you are ready to take it all to the pickleball court. But you have no clue what to wear, what equipment you need and how to be prepared to actually play. Fear not, we sat down with author, podcaster, and pickleball guru, Rick Cipes

Must-Try Pickleball Footwork Drills

Are you a pickleball enthusiast looking to take your game to the next level? If so, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore a variety of must-try pickleball footwork drills that will help enhance your agility and speed on the court.

Pickleball Music Playlist
How to Create the Perfect Playlist for Your Pickleball Footwork Drills

Putting together the perfect pickleball playlist is a great way to make practicing your footwork drills a little bit more exciting. Here’s your guide to putting together the best pickleball playlist and curing the practice doldrums for good.

Step Up Your Power

This full-body routine from trainer Michael Matthews helps build strength, agility, endurance, and playing power

InPickleball - pickleball in-struction Charlie Ball drop shot deconstructed
The Drop Shot, Deconstructed

Coach Charlie Ball helps you deconstruct—and dominate—the drop shot

InPickleball peak performance -Your pregame prep - Rotated lunge with reach
Your Pregame Prep

Up your pregame prep with this routine from Pilates instructor Ashley Patten

Put A Spin On It

Yes, you can learn to create backspin. Coach Michelle Esquivel shows you how

Side Hustle

Workout moves that improve your flexibility and range of motion during the game