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Matthew Perry Brings Energy To The Court

Matthew Perry Brings Energy To The Court

  • Matthew Perry plays pickleball with both pals and trained professionals
Celebrity Pickler Matthew Perry


Perry has a new hangout—the pickleball court. The beloved Friends star has joked, “I absolutely love the sport. But I wish it was called anything other than pickleball.”

In fact, Perry, who recently released a very honest and personal memoir titled Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, loves the game so much, he had a court put in at home and says he plays with both pals and trained professionals. One pro he plays with regularly: pickleball celebrity coach, and our own resident expert (read his tips and advice on page 38), Matthew Manasse. “I’ve been playing with Matthew for six months and his progress is just amazing—I attribute it to his effort and his willingness to keep coming back,” Manasse shares.


Perry, who also plays tennis, often hits the court twice a day. “He’s got a badass serve and his forehand drive is also pretty money,” says Manasse. “He’s an awesome guy to be around—he’s hilarious. When he’s on a pickleball court, he brings that energy too.” A pickler who can serve and make you laugh? Talk about a dream partner.


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