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Black History Month: Powerful Celebrities and Pros Propelling Pickleball Forward

As the game grows in popularity across the country, a group of pro and celebrity pickleball power players are working to expand the game’s reach on and off the court.

Can Recreation Reconnect The Digitally Divided?

With technology and social media allure, the epidemic of disconnection is real. Can pickleball and family recreation save it? Kevin Richards, Founder of RECS – believes so.

5 Reasons The Love of Your Life Might Be Hanging At Your Local Pickleball Court

Your next pickleball partner might be your partner for life. Here’s why finding love on the pickleball court might be better than online dating.

What George Clooney, Katy Perry and these pickleball pros have in common

Celebrities truly are just like us…at least when it comes to pickleball. George and Amal Clooney are among the celebrities that love to spend time on the pickleball court. You know the old adage: The couple that plays together stays together.

Rick Cipes
Advice from a Pickleball addict to a Newbie

So the peer pressure from friends has worked and you are ready to take it all to the pickleball court. But you have no clue what to wear, what equipment you need and how to be prepared to actually play. Fear not, we sat down with author, podcaster, and pickleball guru, Rick Cipes

We Caught Up With Tyson McGuffin

If you’ve spent any time watching professional pickleball, you’ve likely witnessed the energy buzzing from…

Welcome To The Pickleball Palace

Peek inside a one-of-a-kind club that combines fancy cars, top-notch treatment, and playing for charity

InPickleball Issue 10 - Katie Couric - Katie on the clock - pickleball
Katie Couric – A Whole New Game

The media star is finding health, happiness, and fun on the pickleball court

New Kids On The Court

Pickleball’s getting cooler and passionate players are getting younger. Meet the sport’s next generation

InPickleball - Steven Colbert on Court - Pickleball
Colbert Holds Court

Stephen Colbert shares how pickleball took over his world, leading to his fun new celeb-packed special, Pickled