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Real talk that’s real fun—bite-size Q&As with major pickleball-loving personalities.

Sick Tricks And Life Lessons With Pickleball Pro Irina Tereschenko

Pro player Irina Tereschenko brings wit to winning

InPickleball Issue 3 | Game On | First Last | Dave Fleming | Pickleball
Dave Fleming

PB pro and comedian Dave Fleming on the origins of Pickleball Palooza

InPickleball Issue 2 | Game On | First Last | Anna Leigh Waters and Leigh Waters | Pickleball
A fun—and funny—chat with Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters, pickleball’s most famous mother-daughter duo

Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters on life lessons and dreams come true

InPickleball Issue 1 | Game On | First Last | Jessie Irvine | Pro Pickleball
Pickleball Pro Jessie Irvine Talks Paddles, Slang, and the Most Recent Move She Mastered

Pro player Jessie Irvine on her pre-match rituals and the last person she’s want to face across the net