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See Real Players Rock Colorful Court Style

See Real Players Rock Colorful Court Style

  • Let the latest looks from fashion-minded picklers inspire your next game-day garb

“I like to stand out. I used to wear bright T-shirts but felt a collared shirt would be classier. I searched ‘wild dry fit polos’ online and here we are.”
—Andrew Jones

“For each tournament I bring my personal style of pinks, greens, lace, sparkle, or whatever I am feeling that day.”
—Kerry Shannon 

“I like the idea that my opponents might be distracted seeing colors fly by as I race to the net. Plus, the colors are super fun and happy—the way I feel when I play!”
—Mae Brown

Dress Well, Feel Well, Play Well.”

Blake Wilson

“My husband and I compete as partners. He loves me in bright colors, and I try to oblige.”
—Jane Held

“If I look good going into an athletic contest, it makes me feel good. It was just a coincidence that my son Blake and I matched today!” 
—Donna Wilson

Get INSPIRED Whether on your clothes or on your gear, bold prints make a strong statement.

PklBlr Mineral Freeze tee,


Vulcan V510 Hybrid pickleball paddle,


Devereux Freestyle Polo,


Oiselle April Showers vest,


Fourlaps Bolt Short 7”, 


Products Courtesy The companies.

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